Free Will, God’s Special Gift

Once i read somewhere about this thing,that besides mind & intelligence, human also blessed with this important thing from God: Free Will. Maybe that’s why God let people to choose,whatever they’re gonna do with their life. Yet anything still works accordingly to the grand systems that had been designed by The Almighty. There will always be consequences behind every choices. The consequences that always work accordingly with the system.

Maybe that is also why people could feel meaningless,when they have to do things that they are forced to,not because of their own willingness. Because the more people being forced to do something,the more it’s against their human nature,that is to have the free will,a special gift from God.
Maybe that’s also why religion says on the Holly book, that no one could force any religion to anyone. Because if people are forced to believe in things, to do things, their free will is being disrespected. There will be this feeling inside them trying to fight, to rebel. Or, maybe, if they eventually follow whatever they are told to,forced to do, whatever they do will become meaningless to them,their hearts will somehow reject to involve in every deeds they make.

(catetan pagi buta,20-09-12)


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