Tommy, The Kitten that Survived

There was a female cat that used to live in my aunt’s house, named Kelly. She gave birth to three cute kittens. But a bad mean tomcat named Andy killed two of her kittens, bit them to death, and only left her one of her kitten, Tommy. Not long after, Kelly was found dead, lying on the ground. She left her baby kitten, Tommy, who still needs her to breastfeed him, cause he couldn’t barely chew any food by himself yet.

Andy, the bad mean murderer tomcat, caught up lying so comfy on the couch, like he’s innocent.

After that, my 80 something year old grandma took care of Tommy the little kitten. She fed him cow’s milk everyday with a spoon, until he’s big enough to eat by himself.

Nenek dan newly born Tommy

We used to keep little Tommy in a rabbit cage to protect him from Andy’s attack. Sometimes, when everyone’s too busy, we only took him out of the cage twice a day, and sometimes just once.

Being outside of the cage was very exciting for Tommy. He used to run very fast to every direction inside of the house every time we took him out of the cage.

But every time we saw the bad mean tomcat, Andy was around, we’re taking Tommy back to his cage again, right away. When he’s already big enough, we started to put him out of the cage more often.

Tommy, few months older

Tommy, few months older

My cousin, cleaning Tommy’s cage

At first, Tommy was nervous everytime Andy’s around. Andy used to try to attack him whenever he’s close to him. But as time goes by, Andy’s got older, and Tommy grew bigger, and started to learn how to handle the situation. And now, he’s not afraid of Andy any longer.

And there he is, Tommy, the kitten that survived.


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