Bangsat That’s Taking Advantage of You on Your Bed

“Bangsat!” If you say that to a random person with a high pitch tone in Indonesia, it might get you a punch in your face, or at least a strange, confused and pissed look from the person. Because it’s not a greeting or something good to say, but the word ‘bangsat’ has a close meaning to ‘bastard’ in English.  LOL.

No, I’m not going to write some tips about how to deal with a bad bastard guy (or girl) that’s been taking advantage of you on your bed for sometimes without giving you any commitment, or  something like that :p It’s another form of bastard: thousand times tinier of any bastards you might have known.

While the word bangsat is widely known as an attribution to a bad person, and the word is used to mock or offend other people, the word bangsat is actually coming from a name of a very tiny species in Bahasa Indonesia: bed bug. Its other words in Indonesian are Kepinding or Tungau.

I was being a couch potato, watching TV, when I got shocking facts about this bangsat bed bugs on Nat Geo: One out of ten New Yorkers are living with bed bugs in their houses, research said. It’s been quite a threat to many people in some part of the USA.

Bed bugs are invading people’s houses, causing trouble to the people. Sneaking out silently in the middle of the night from its hiding place: inside of people’s beds, cracks on the walls, ceilings, and other places in the house. Creeping silently on people’s skin, and bite them, feed itself with some drops of fresh human bloods. To some people, bedbugs bite could cause some allergic reactions that need more serious medical treatments.

But the bigger problem is the psychological effects to these little bed bugs’ victims. People get traumatized and frustrated, because these little villains are hard to get rid off from people houses, once they invaded the house.

They spread so fast. Research said that a female bed bug could lay 1-5 eggs daily and could produce up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. The egg only need 6 days to hatch, and another 8 days to fully grow from a nymph to an adult bed bug. Imagine how frustrating to have your house infested with this colony of tiny blood suckers!

The key to successful survival of this bangsat bed bugs is they are well adapted and the typical disinfectants that you could buy on the store won’t kill them. On the documentary, the victims need to hire a team of exterminators with some sets of equipment to get rid of these bedbugs out of people’s houses. Well, technically they use some machine that could heat or freeze the bedbugs because they can’t survive in some degrees of heat and cold. Some other chemicals are also used for prevention. There’s even an exterminator who’s using a highly trained dogs to sniff and track the bedbugs all around the house. The dogs could also be used to make sure that there won’t be any bedbugs or eggs left on the house. Because even a single tiny little egg could mean another disaster in no time.

It is quite shocking to know that a modern city in a big country like New York could have a trouble from that tiny little villain bed bugs. Yes, we also have that tiny bugs too here in Indonesia. I think I’ve seen them couple times in the past. As far as I know, sometimes people just simply put their mattresses or couches under the sun to get rid of the bangsat that’s hiding under it. But here, I’ve never heard any reports about bedbugs’ attack that’s considered as a national problems, so far. It seems like bedbugs are much less notorious as their blood sucker buddies, mosquitoes here.

The good news is, for anyone who’s having a fear or phobia to some bugs like spiders or cockroaches, and have been questioning about what’s actually God’s purpose by creating those hideous little monsters, you can get the answer and die peacefully now:  spiders and cockroaches are said as these die hard bangsat bed bugs’ natural predators. So now don’t you ever dare to question what’s God’s purpose by creating any creatures ever again, even if it’s a bangsat in form of bugs or even human, because every creatures have their own role in this world to keep life in balance, we just don’t realize it yet. :p


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