My Encounter With a Real Life Dare Devil Superhero


Tryan Airlangga, di review Kick Andy ttg sosok-sosok inspiratif mlm ini. He’s a real life Dare Devil Superhero! A humble man who can do a lot of amazing things that many might never do: taking two majors in college, and at the same time, taking part time jobs as a speaker, MC, hypnotherapist. And that’s not enough for him, he also travels few kilometres away from his home in south Jakarta to Depok, volunteering in a streetkids shelter, Pazki, almost everyday. And the most amazing thing is, he is blind. Glucoma took his vision when he was teenager.

I met him in a very random way. And we spent couple hours in an awesome conversation. He told me stories about his current passion for the last few years: teaching the kids and taking care the shelter. He told me that miracle happened for so many times since they were helping those kids. Started from nothing, helping his former mentor (i feel so bad i couldnt remember his name), the founder of pazki, in an unoccupied field, until as time passed by, some generous men and women started to donate some amount of money for them till they could finally build a house for the shelter.

Though he couldnt barely see those kids but he knew exactly almost every kids in the shelter and know the detail of their struggling life stories. He really looked so content that he could do something for those kids.

Some street kids do live with their parents in the house, but they spend most of their time on the street. Selling something or doing some other thing to earn money to help their poor parents support the family. But some others are not lucky enough, there are some kids who lives all alone by themselves, or with some other friends, who are also streetkids or grown up street kids who’ve turned into adults that will do any job they could to survive. Tryan said, these kids are very special, they have been forced to rely on themselves since they’re so young. The awareness that other luckier kids from a more decent family might rarely have.

Tryan said that even there’s one kid who’s never got any affection before, because he’s been living on the street since he was so little, and live his life without caring parents or family. Some of them have trust issues, they dont believe in people. Until at last, at some point, Tryan could finally get the kid’s trust and the kid hugged him so tight, and thanked him, something that never happened before. Every stories he told me were very touching.

He saves the world not by fighting criminals on the streets like typical superheroes in the movies, and maybe the visually impaired superhero, Dare Devil, but by saving kids from the streets, gives them enough love to love themselves that could prevent them from turning into criminals in the future.

May Allah bless you always, Tryan!

Thanks Maria Shahab and Kick Andy team for covering Tryan and Pazki 🙂


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