Faith in Humanity Restored, The Cab Driver Story


A netizen once uploaded a photo of a cab driver, Pak Alex who put a photo of his youngest child on the steering wheel of his cab. When being asked bout it, Pak Alex said to the netizen that the photo gave him more motivation while working, driving the cab. He also told the netizen that his youngest child’s gonna have a birthday next week, and he’s planning on taking his child to KFC to treat him some meal on his child’s bday. The story of this cab driver soon went viral, lots of netizens reposting the story on social media.

Hearing about Pak Alex’s story, KFC management gave a lil surprise for Pak Alex Guess what? Yep, instead of treat them with KFC meal on Pak Alex’s lil kid’s birthday, they managed to throw a birthday party for Rangga, Pak Alex’s youngest child at KFC.. 😄  #thepowerofsocialmedia #faithinhumanityrestored


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